VOIP Services

Your business has moved to the digital space. Is it any wonder that your phones have as well? VoIP services aren’t only a brand new way of making and receiving calls. VoIP is a completely new approach to communication which integrates your telephone system with your network and some of your applications, including your email client, browser, and even your CRM. With correct installation and a fast connection, VoIP makes calls and teleconferencing easier and less expensive as well as transforming a phone into a more efficient and more productive tool for your modern business.

With iTree Solutions’ Voice Services, you will have:

  • Lower costs: You don’t need a massive budget for new equipment and you’ll only have one network to maintain
  • Greater mobility: Your team members can travel anywhere in the world and still use only one phone number. Imagine how your team’s productivity will increase if they do not have to play phone tag or juggle multiple devices
  • Better productivity: With voice communication integrated into your company’s digital workflow, you will save time, work with less stress, and collaborate more effectively

Implementing a VoIP solution and having it work right requires an expert. Poorly configured VoIP systems may present call quality issues or cause network problems. In order to make sure that you get the highest productivity gains and biggest cost-savings from your new VoIP solution, you’ll want a technical partner with deep experience in VoIP, and expertise with the networking technologies that make it work.

iTree Solutions has been providing VoIP services and network services to companies in Gauteng for years, and we impress our clients with the consistent, outstanding customer service we provide. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.