Office 365

As a Microsoft Partner, iTree Solutions offers Microsoft Office 365 as part of our cloud service. Office 365 allows your business to run smoothly and effectively with minimal downtime. Office 365 has many functions and features that will increase overall productivity for your business. With Office 365, Microsoft takes over security and you have peace of mind knowing that you are secured. Let iTree Solutions help you with making the switch.


With The iTree Solutions Office 365 Offering, You Will Have:

  • Flexibility and Freedom – Microsoft Office 365 was built from the ground up with teamwork in mind. Your files are safe and secure in the cloud which means that your employees can be productive anytime and anyplace. No more waiting until they’re at their desk for urgent matters to be resolved. More important than this, they can sync with their colleagues by working on the same files, documents, spreadsheets, and even presentations.
  • Effective Collaboration – With new applications such as Microsoft Groups and Microsoft Teams, your team will work together as a whole. Empower your employees to share resources, communicate, and complete projects with a lot less time wasted. Office 365 features updated versions of Exchange Online, Outlook, and Dynamics which offer employees the ability to better coordinate the company data, customer data, and business intelligence distribution.
  • Cost Reduction – You can buy Office 365 subscriptions for the people in your organisation as you need them and thereby eradicate the rather cumbersome task of procuring and managing individual software licenses. Because Office 365 runs in the cloud, you save the human resource costs associated with managing on-premise servers for email and file sharing as well.



To properly implement Office 365, you need expertise. Microsoft Office 365 is a complex software suite which can be used to power businesses of all sizes and in any industry. This means that configuring it to deliver maximum performance and benefits would require an expert. iTree Solutions will help you to choose the right Office 365 components for your business and employ the optimal strategy to integrate said components into your network. We even support your team during the transitioning phase.