IT Support

We live in a digital, technological age with so many advancements and still our systems can encounter issues. Until they advance technology to the point of never failing, our IT Support structure allows us to monitor and track issues before you know about them. Our technicians at iTree will first try to resolve the issue remotely but if the issue is not easily solved, we can offer you SLA On-site Support as part of our IT Support Service.


Here is the deal: We know that IT Support is a grudge purchase. Times have changed. Computer systems are ubiquitous… and still we offer business owners something that they groan about. We understand this and there are no hard feelings. But we are still there, every day, to support our clients wherever we can. You might as well treat IT problems not as a what-if, but more a potential pitfall that you can easily avoid. Build a relationship with us long before you are desperate. Bring the iTree Solutions team onboard to take care of your everyday IT needs and we will be there for the pitfalls that may arise as well.


With the iTree Solutions team, you will have the following benefits
  • Enjoy Peace Of Mind – trust your technology to our expert team.
  • Seize More Opportunities – it’s easy with user-friendly technology that works when you need it to
  • Increase Billable Hours – consistent IT support gives you more uptime
  • Take The Guesswork Out Of Budgeting – with our IT flat-rate options, you will not have to go through our monthly bill with a comb, spreadsheet and bottle of whiskey. Instead, you will have more free time to enjoy your whiskey separately to the bill
  • An Entire Team Of IT Professionals – you can have our services for a fraction of the cost you would have had to pay an IT specialist.