IT Security

Staying safe from malware is a complicated and full-time job. To be prepared for a malware attack is a time-consuming challenge, and the chances are your business is not ready when it needs to be. The iTree Solutions team will help you to ensure it’s done right. Malware is not fun and can cause a company damage – both in terms of finances and the trust of both your clients and your employees. For instance, ransomware attacks have made headlines around the world by crippling networks at companies. These attacks damage infrastructure, harm businesses, and costs billions to repair the damage and make up for lost productivity. You also have to start back at square one when it comes to the trust of your customers.

Many people don’t understand the importance of IT Security but you probably know that protecting your data and the information stored on your devices should be your top priority. Threats nowadays are more advanced and more sophisticated. iTree Solutions provides IT Security services that are easy on the pocket and work to keep you protected.

The iTree Solutions team brings you:

Software Security Updates

With our proactive patching and updates for all your software and applications, you will be rid of vulnerabilities that could have been exploited.


We know which anti-virus softwares you can trust and we also configure it to most effectively protect your data and network.

Data Recovery

Our disaster recovery and data backup solutions guarantee network uptime and business continuity in the event of malware such as ransomware striking

Client Education

We believe that education is the key to helping our clients understand the latest in network security best practices. This can greatly minimize human error.

Fewer Sleepless Nights

Tossing and turning due to malware fears will be a thing of the past