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A company is comprised of individuals who function by themselves without constant supervision. After all, this is why you hire your employees: you can’t possibly do everything yourself. You have either to put a great deal of faith into these individuals or hire a second set of employees who are only there to monitor every employee’s actions. You can imagine that this is no way to spend the company’s earnings. And who’s to say that you can trust the second set of employees in the first place…?

Phishing emails are a part of the internet now. Since there is a sucker born every minute - or so the saying goes - there are people who want to catch these suckers. This is bad news for any business since phishing emails make cyber-attacks a breeze, and sensitive information can flow like a river out of your company. Phishing, for those who do not know, is the act of conning people into giving up their sensitive information. This usually entails a user following a link in an email and entering their banking or other details on some website. It can also happen through an attachment that, once clicked on, installs malware on a company’s system.

October is all about IT Security Awareness. Many of us take for granted how dangerous the internet can be. As much as being online is great, there are also many threats associated with it.

Now more than ever, we are all exposed to greater risk of having our data compromised. The risks come in many forms such as viruses, malware, data leaks and hacking to name just a few. Right now the spotlight is on what many perceive as a new way for hackers to gain access to your data: by exploiting the vulnerabilities exposed by outdated software.