Cloud Services

Many people do not fully understand what the cloud is and that’s okay. When it comes to partnering with iTree Solutions, you will not have to be the expert for us to do an expert job. In short, cloud services allow you to securely access information from anywhere in the world, be it on mobile devices or laptops. As long as you find an internet connection, no matter where your business travels may take you and your team, your data will be with you without the need of carrying around a staggering amount of external hard drives.

How Can Cloud Storage Improve My IT Department?
  • You can easily outsource your IT department – This is a big win for you since you will only pay a fraction of the cost for a new IT guy and get an entire IT team in return. (Did we mention that we here at iTree Solutions can also be your outsourced IT department?)
  • Lower Costs – With no upfront costs and paying a flat-rate monthly fee is what makes cloud storage the best way to go for any business which wants to cut costs. If you own a business that is out to lose money as fast as it can, then cloud storage isn’t for you.
  • Security – Keeping your data under lock and key and on premises may seem like the way to go but cloud storage is a lot more secure than you may think. To put this simply, the guys over at Microsoft have an enormous team dedicated solely to IT security. If you can say the same, then cloud storage may not be for you.
  • Collaboration Is Easier Than Ever Before – Imagine what your employees can accomplish if they have access to the same data even if they are not in the same building? Your productivity will not skip a beat if someone is not at the office.
  • Fires or Floods – No matter which disaster may strike, you will not lose your data.
At iTree Solutions, we offer you the following:
  • Partnering with some of the world’s leading cloud partners,
  • Web-based email,
  • Office 365 suites,
  • Technical support.